Thursday, November 1, 2012

Yummy eyeballs!!

One of my favorite sites I absolutely love is Just A Pinch.  It is a great place to look at all different kinds of recipes, start your own recipe box, easily post some of your own...all in one site.  Well, while I was going through some of the recipes, one showed up that I knew I just had to make.

How cute...right??
Stormy Stewart, aka Karlyn Rayne, posted this recipe and I made them for Halloween at work. At the end of this post I have a little bit more on Stormy/Karlyn and links to her blogs.  You really have to stop by her blogs and take a look. I work at The Cincinnati Eye Institute and these were a HUGE hit!!  They are mighty tasty too!  Sweet and Salty are always a good combination.  This will be something I thinkI am gonna make every year!  It is fast, easy, and tastes good.  This is so easy...take a gander just how easy it really is!!                                               
Lay all of the waffle pretzels out on a baking sheet.
add the vanilla wafers
put the chocolate chip in the middle and out them in the oven to melt
add the red sprinkles and let them cool and you are done
I even made zombie eyeballs!  Ran out of red sprinkles so I used red and clear surgar jimmies.
Now, a little more about Stormy/Karlyn.  She has two blogs.  The first is called Returning to the Old Ways.  This blog, I have to say, is awesome.  She has collections of home remedies and recipes that are fantastic.  I have been in the Christmas spirit and just finishing a Christmas Ornament Swap over at The Crafter's Cafe, I am definietly making the Lavender Bubble Bath and The Energizing Bath Salts for gifts.  I also really like the home remedies for cold/sinus.  I have always felt my family consumes way too much medication for sinus/cold.  We live in Ohio and sinus problems are a given here so I am looking forward to trying these on my family.  The other blog is called The Crone Chronicles.  I am going to try several things she has posted with some of the items going on in my body.  Especially the thyroid.  So go and visit her blogs, visit her on Just A Pinch, say Hi and subscribe!  I am so looking forward to getting to know her...that is for sure...she seems like a gem of a person with much wisdom!  Thanks so much for letting me share you and my favorite Halloween treat....I know I will be doing this every year!

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