Friday, June 18, 2010

A Teacher's Gift

I thought I would post a gift basket that I made for my son's teacher. Throughout the year I made gifts, mostly edible, to the teachers. This one teacher just loved it all but especially love the cake balls/pops I made for Valentines Day. I got the recipe from bakerella. Warning though, once you visit her are hooked! She has the cutest ideas and makes, really, works of art. Well anyway, I made them for Valentins day, chocolate cake balls dipped in white chocolate and then drizzled red and pink white chocolate on the finished balls. Very pretty. She loved them and told me I needed to sell them. HA! I can't even get dinner on the table half the time...I can't image me mass producing these but it made me feel good knowing that she and her family liked them so much. Well, for the end of the year present I knew what I was going to give her. A basket full of homemade goodies with all the ingredients to make her own cakeballs.
I included everything. She is an environmental science teacher so I had to recycle some things to keep with the them of the basket and her teaching position.

Yes, I know...I am a sick, sick woman.....BUT....I had to. This was a store bought tub of cream cheese frosting and I just ripped the label off and covered it with pretty cardstock from the DCWV Kitchen collection.
Here is the devils food cake mix...taken from the original box (which I used later in a mini project) and put it in a decorated hot chocolate container. Of course it was cleaned out and everything....just thought it was nicer all jazzed up to match the basket.
Here is the way too cute, oversized clothspin I decorated to match everything and then put the recipes in it to hold them up while she is cooking. I had to remember to include the instructions for the devils food cake since the box was cut up and used for the mini. The other recipe is for the cake balls.

The bucket o'mini! LOL I used a red bucket I got from sure. Anyhoo, I decorated it all up and it housed the little mini scrapbook I made from recycled Starbucks drink sleeves (yes, I keep everything much to my familys dismay), oval shaped coaster, and some of the cardboard from the devils food cake mix.

I also did two large (jumbo) paperclips for her to keep recipes together or to hold coupons...whatever. Here is the front of the mini scrapbook made from recycled materials.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my gift basket!! I had so much fun making this and to see the look on her face was just priceless. Hope you have a wonderful Friday. I have a few more things to post but need to sit and organize it.
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