Thursday, June 17, 2010

Toilet Paper Roll Mini - My contest entry!

I will never look at an empty toilet paper roll the same way....ever again!! LOL It truly amazes me that something so common, thrown away, boring, and just down right, well, ugly can be turned into (transformed I should say) something that is pretty, personalized for an occasion, useful, and definitely gets people talking. I give you....drum roll please....the empty toilet paper roll(s).
This is definitely the before picture. Sorta like the What Not To Wear show. Now, the transformation of these rolls into their new purpose. They are all beautified, dressed up, doll up, putt'n on the ritz. At least that is what I tried to do anyway!! I present to you my version of a toilet paper roll mini album. This is one I am entering into contest.

This is the front cover. The cover, back, and spine ar made out of coasters that a waiter gave me at a local restaurant. I cut them down to the size I needed, spaced them out to allow the book to close, used a template to hole punch for the eyelets and binder rings and covered with SU retired designer paper. Easy peasy!!

I added some cute little charms to the front of the cover, via the spine, and I think it adds another whimsy layer to it. I just love this ribbon...heck all the fibers are fabulous!

This is the view of the spine. I added another charm and this time I used a dragonfly because I used butterflies in the inner pages (you will see) and thought it was a nice addition. I did not want to overload on the charms but I guess I did not have that problem with the fibers. Seriously, holy cow! :o)

Here is the back view of the mini. I just love how the covers and spine turned out. Using the coaster gave me a very smooth surface to attach the cardstock too!

Here is a peek of the pages so you can see, even though, I changed the direction of the rolls, cut them down the middle and scored and folded to make like pocket folders, they still are 100% toilet paper rolls covers in DP.

This is the first page. I only decided to do 3 pages. I was not sure what to expect with the size of the mini so I thought three was a good number and well, as I was planning I did go ahead and utilize the most of the space and tucked a journaling card in the top and the side. you could put pictures, journaling, ticket stubbs...anything in the pockets. I did use the one inch circle punch to notch out a place for the way cool silver, bling emblishment that I made to ease in removing the card to write, read, attach things to. I thought it dressed up the tag. Also, I added some rhinstone bling after I used the scalopped edge punch to the boarder to make the pocket for the outside tage. As you can see, the whole book is held together by ring clips that go through the spine of several eyelets. I just love how it came out. Very neat, clean, and smooth. I just love it!
A look at the tages out. Way cool...whaddaya think about that!! Ha ha!

Here is the backside of the first page. The same type of scalloped pocket with the rhinestones. The second page is the homemade, die cut, butterflies. I kept with the rhinstone bling both small and large. This time the tab to ease in getting the tag out was made with prisma flowers and a beautiful flower (pink, of course) rhinestone

This is a close up of the back of that page. Still keeping with the theme of the rhinestones and the die cut butterflies. Oh yes, I did stamp on these butterfiles to give them interest.

Still the back of the second page..showing off the butterflies again. Meanwhile on page 3 we have a double heart charm nestled in a lovely scalloped edge pocket to hold the cute little piece of paper for journaling, a small photo...whatever you think of. Note the bling on the flowers. More rhinestones.
Close up of the third page.

Back of the last page. Again, I showed off the rhinstone, and added a cute little heart LOVE charm.

A close up of the dragonfly charm and the wonderful fibers I used on this mini.
I hope you have enjoyed taking a tour of my Mini Toilet paper book. I really enjoyed making it and am looking forward to making many more.
You have got to give it a try.
Many HUGS!


~Telah said...

I stumbled across your toliet paper roll mini on the scrapbook-crazy site. Wow! So cool! Great job and congrats on winning.

Crystal Smith-Colburn said...

Thank you so much! It was so much fun making it!

Raquel said...

Wow your mini is so beautiful. That is really creative. I just cant believe how you turned the toilet paper rolls into mini pockets. Its just so stunning.

MariLynn said...

Wow! This is fantastic!

Heather said...

beautiful mini book & well done coming 1st in the scrapbook crazy comp!!

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