Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Good Things of Focus in Life CAN Make a Difference!!

I know I have been abscent from my blog for quite a while.  I will try and fill you in on the last two years.  It has been difficult to say goodbye to so many family members.  My mom, my cousin, my aunt (my mom's sister), my step brother, and my uncle (my mom's brother).  Yep, lots of loss!  Also, in that time my son graduated high school, started college and I went back to work full time.  Lots of changes...some really good and some that leave a hole in your heart!  Most recently, in April, my son was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma call T-cell hystiocyte large B-cell lymphoma.  I have to say this has been the hardest of the news to take but we are moving in the right direction of treatment.  I have an incredible kid with a wonderful attitude and love of life.  He is doing fantastic and that keeps me going for sure!  We will get through this!

I have also been able to keep my sanity through all of this with scrap booking, card making, and paper crafting.  I have created many pages and cards through all of the losses and the scrap booking has been so very therapeutic for me.  I have been able to dig in photos and scrap many memories of the family members that I have lost over the past two years.  I have hauled major stuff to the hospital and during the long nights I have been like edward scissorhands in the corner of the little room on my bed/sofa at the oncology ward at Children's Hospital.  I just have not thought to post anything.  I think I have just been so focused on living for the day and working through things...posting on my blog became a very distant thought.  That really sounds horrible now doesn't it??!!  My blog sitting here all by itself!!  LOL  Well, no more!!  I am back and I have DCWV to thank for that.  I am so stoked to submit for a spot on their design team.  I have been a huge fan of DCWV for so long and even have items posted on here made with their wonderful products.  The design call is for Stack-A-Holic-Design Team.  I am for sure a DCWV stack-a-holic!  This has given me a drive I can't even begin to put down in words.  I was so excited to make the Mini Scrapbook Anonymous Design Team but am equally excited to even submit my work to this wonderful company.  Many of you know me and know that I just do not apply for design teams.  I have to love the product or mission.  I have to be moved by it and live with it to give my best.  So I can honestly say DCWV would be only the second design team I have even applied for....that is how much I LOVE DCWV!  So, I am back, loving it and looking forward to picking up, inspiring others, moving on, and living life out loud again.

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