Thursday, October 25, 2012

Celebrating My Birthday!

Yes, I turned 47 on October 23.  I just can't believe it but it is what it is...another year older!!  I had a wonderful birthday.  I did have to go to work but my co-workers and the doc I work for made it a very special day right down to the multiple cakes and lunch from Jimmy Johns.  I have pics but on my phone.  I have asked hubby to help me get them off so I am thinking this weekend it will happen!!  We have had SO much yard work to get caught up on so he has been taking care of most of that so I won't get on him too much.  In the meantime I will share the pics that I can get off of my camera!  After work, I came home to find this waiting for me.

                          The beautiful arrangement all together now!  It just brighten my day!
Also, this beautiful card!  Made me cry!
I truly love my husband...he is the best!
Finally, the last wonderful treat is this bag of candy...and it is sugar free!  Woo hoo!
This will help me stay on track.  120 pounds off...about 55 more to go...I will get there!
Now if that was not enough of a surprise.  He said let's go out to eat.  He decided to take me to a place called Silver Spring House.  We have wanted to go there for some time.  A friend of mine gave of gift cards to go and have dinner (after Cameron was diagnosed with cancer) and we never got to go...seemed like the perfect time.  Their web page is if you want to know a bit more about them.  Truly wonderful food and the company (my hubby & my son) made it over the top!  Here are a few pics from our time at my Birthday dinner.
You can't really see the sign for the place...we ended up parking in the back but what you can see is something on the roof.  Yes, that is a huge spider!!  They were crawling all over the top of the building. OK, a bit of an fib but I really don't like spiders at all.  Real or fake!!
The colorful menu!
A pic of my son, Cameron.  His hair is coming back slowly but surely.  He is getting color back in his face.  Still has that beautiful smile!
A pic of my wonderful, handsome hubby..David!

Here we are altogether.  I rarely get my pic taken so I will cherish this one...even if I hate pics of myself!  I would not have missed this opportunity for the world (even if I was still in my scrubs).
Oh yes, and the food!  The wonderful, tasty food.  This was my plate...I still have chicken to take to lunch!  Broccoli too!
Well, I could not have asked for a better birthday that is for sure. 


Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Happy belated Birthday Crystal!
It looks like you had a great time! And it must be an extra special birthday with lots to celebrate...your son's health, your weight loss (OMG!! that's great), and a husband that brings you flowers and candy!
I hope it was a great day!
Erica :)

Karlyn Rayne said...

Happy belated Birthday, you are just starting out, a spring chic. May your year bevfilled with blessings

Crystal Smith-Colburn said...

Thank you all so much!

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