Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Getting Some MoJo going!

I have truly had some wonderful time over the past several weeks and will post some pics of my baking and crafting as soon as I get the pics downloaded.  I AM getting my MoJo back slowly but surely and so many wonderful blogs have helped with that.  I joined The Stamping Boutique/Crafter's Cafe a while back and what a wonderful group of people that does keep growing daily (a good thing).  I joined a handmade ornament is a secret ornament swap so I can't say which person I was lucky to get but she is a gem that is for sure.  Talented beyond belief.  I got out bits of this and that and really came up with some wonderful designs.  I even made one for our swap hostess Kristy!  I can post pics early December of those.  Can't wait to share.  I have had a blast. 

Life is slowly getting back to normal here at our house.  My son got his port removed and is going strong now.  Facial hair is coming back and in no time he will have a full head of hair again complete with eyebrows!!  He has so inspired me to start living again.  For 4-5 months my husband and I worked and then went to the hospital...that was pretty much it.  Everything in our lives came to a complete halt.  Now, we are slowly, and I do me slowly trying to catch up on everything that just had to wait.  I am getting caught up too (very slowly) but seems my crafting is something I am making time for now...baking too! 

Another blog (I will do a seperate post for all the blogs I have fallen in love with and visit often...they deserve the kudos) I visit quite often is Creative Breathing.  I love her vitage flare and one of her posts was about an whitman sampler-box-ornament-swap.  Extremely clever, looks like loads of fun to make but the swap filled up.  I am looking for swappers to do something similar.  If not Whitman's Sampler boxes then maybe a match box swap.  I am kinda digging the Whitman's Sampler box tho.  I am currently digging up swappers for this swap so hopefully it will be up and running before the end of October. 


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